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The founders and partners behind the magic of Inbox Mailers have been starting online businesses together since back in the mid-nineties. When the internet first hit the scene, we got busy creating, launching, scaling, and selling companies. In fact, we’ve done it a lot over the last 25 years.

But what we’ve done with Inbox Mailers is unique. Different. You see, we all know that email marketing has one of the best ROIs you can find. But Inbox Mailers helps you do it even more efficiently and profitably. And today, I’ll explain to you why Inbox Mailers works for any business that uses email to either communicate with (or market to) their audience of consumers or customers.

In fact, we’ve put more time into testing and proving this concept than any other launch we’ve done to date. Time and again, it’s been proven effective. Truth be told, the more we test it, the more powerful the underlying concept becomes.

After literally billions of test emails have been sent, a peculiar inbox behavior has emerged.

And it’s a game changer.

We’ll dig a little deeper into that specific behavior that emerged in just a moment, but before we do, let’s take a quick look at what Inbox Mailers is as a whole.

What Is Inbox Mailers?

Inbox Mailers
is a “software as a service” (SaaS) that allows users to trigger an email to be sent to your subscribers at the exact time they happen to already be in their inbox. 

Just think about the power of that for a moment. Because that’s what started us down the road to this big idea. You see, we wanted to trigger emails to our subscribers when they opened one of our newsletters. So, we engineered the process that sent out a promotional email to them as soon as we realized they’d opened an edition of one of our newsletters. 

Increase Open Rates with New Strategy

We knew it could be done. We just didn’t realize what doing it this way would do to our open rates. 

Because as soon as we started testing the application, we started seeing 50-70% open rates.

Best of all, we saw this huge spike in open rates without any degradation in our click-to-open rates that were based on those triggered sends. 

Ultimately, we were getting more eyeballs on our offers, more clicks, and more revenue. 

And it kept working (even better, in fact) the more we tested it. And the more we tested it, the faster we were able to initiate that triggered send. And the more we perfected it, the better things worked. 

We were our own “guinea pig,” if you will. This makes sense, considering that one of our ventures sends hundreds of millions of emails each and every month. 

And as soon as we saw that those results could be consistently engineered with no adverse impact on our opens or engagement, we opened up testing to some of our larger media buying clients just to see what happened. And what happened was just as impressive in their inboxes as it was in our own. 

As we expanded our testing to new clients, we quickly learned that we could take this and make a network effect. We learned that someone could be inside their inbox reading one of our newsletters. In our database, we could tell that this reader was also a subscriber to one of our client’s newsletters. So, we tried sending out a trigger for a client to that subscriber. And it worked beautifully.

It meant that clients could send more emails at exactly the right time, garnering higher engagement rates because they could suddenly know that a reader was already in their inbox.

It eliminated all of the guesswork….and Inbox Mailers was born. 

Proving The Model

After the “Eureka!” moment of realizing that this process could work not only inside of our private database but across our entire network at large, it was time to get busy testing. 

The more we tested, the more we learned. 

First, we figured out that there is a “sweet spot” when it comes to the volume of the triggered emails. Because of the specific and very narrow window of time these triggered sends fired, if we sent too many (or too few), then open rates would start to head south of 50%. 

We didn’t find this all that surprising. It was the same behavior we alerted to just a bit earlier. 

So, what was going on?

Over the course of literally billions of emails sent, we’ve learned that readers have a tendency to do one of two things when they enter their inbox (and often a one-two punch of them both): they’ll mass delete emails they have no intention of reading and/or they start reading the emails that do matter to them. 

If, while they’re primed to read through the messages that matter (especially if they’ve eliminated all of the fluff and garbage they didn’t care about already), when your triggered email gets sent while they were reading through your newsletter, that triggered email has a 50-70% of getting opened, too. 

We kind of expected that. But what we didn’t anticipate was that a greater percentage of our total sends would also start showing higher engagement. 

It’s like all of this orchestrated engagement was feeding off of itself, and something synergistic was happening. 

And it turned out to be contagious. 

As opens, clicks, and other engagement metrics started getting stronger, suddenly, our reputation did, too. 

And not just a little bit, either. We’re talking leaps and bounds. So much so that it affected our entire manual spray and pray email strategy.  

Suddenly we were giving the ISPs out there exactly what they wanted. And they were rewarding us for it.

And the whole thing worked in this cyclical feedback loop that just kept doing it over and over again. 

Once that was essentially on autopilot, our clients we able to super-size their results by taking that repeating pattern and injecting it with a mega-dose of creativity. Creativity that was consistently translating into more revenue. 

Those initial triggers soon evolved into “intelligent triggers” because instead of just randomly firing off a dedicated email send, they were pushing readers into workflows and journeys that would lead them deeper and deeper into their funnels. Instead of guessing, they were empowered to tailor their interactions based on the deeper data they could see about what their subscribers wanted and what their subscribers were doing. Using tags, dynamic lists, and other identifiers, they were creating a decision tree of triggers that could be customized to know if someone was a buyer versus just a free newsletter reader. They could look and see if readers had already interacted with this offer and take them deeper, or if it was someone’s first time ever seeing it and respond accordingly. 

From the trunk of every decision tree they encountered, there were three-to-five promotions or offers that could fire based on past decisions and actions. 

And this led to another game-changing “Eureka!” moment…

Because it turned out that this same positive feedback loop we were building with our (and our clients’) engaged lists worked just as well when dealing with “dead” lists. 

Clients started uploading their “dead” lists into Inbox Mailers. We’re talking readers that haven’t engaged in any way in 45 days or more. A lot of them were a whole lot older than that. But we used the same triggered technology to deploy that re-engagement email as soon as they were in that inbox, opening an email from somewhere (anywhere).

On average, about 15% of those “dead” subscribers get resurrected.

Those numbers will only climb if you’re constantly testing and improving that re-engagement journey. 

So, How Does Inbox Mailers Work?

The beauty of Inbox Mailers is its inherent, elegant simplicity. It’s not complicated and essentially boils down to just three steps.

  1. Inbox Mailers has eyes in your subscribers’ inbox and knows when they’re in there, reading emails.
  2. Once your subscriber is in their inbox, Inbox Mailers then triggers your email to send out, through your own ESP from your domain to your subscribers. And it does this all instantly and effortlessly with APIs.
  3. Finally, you reap all of the rewards of sending at exactly the right time. Your open rates soar. You get more clicks, with higher revenue pouring in with each click. Your inboxing and deliverability improve right along with your engagement. This translates into higher reputation scores.

After that, you just lather, rinse and repeat.  

It gets more efficient, with even high precision each time you do. 

On average, open rates were skyrocketing 364% higher than their baseline. That meant they could generate the same revenue while sending 70% fewer emails. 

That’s the difference Inbox Mailers makes. 

More Opens. More Clicks. More Engagement. More Revenue

When it comes to email marketing, there are two things everyone wants: more and faster. 

Inbox Mailers delivers both. 

It is THE fastest solution we’ve found to date that improves email deliverability, inboxing, IP health, reputation, and sender scores all at once. Over and over again. 

And don’t forget that increased revenue, either.

All because you can suddenly see into your subscriber’s inbox and know when to make the magic happen. 

Inbox Mailers is there to give you that alert, “Your reader is in their inbox now. Time to send the trigger.”

This Is The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

Forget unicorns; Inbox Mailers is like finding a leprechaun’s pot of gold. 

And as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions. Most of them fall into this overall theme:

How many triggers do I get? How can I get more triggers? What can I do to expand this even further?

At the heart of all of those questions is one answer: the network.

Once you upload your list (whether it’s buyers, non-buyers, dead leads, or whatever), we get it uploaded into the network, and that expansive network always has its eyes open. And those eyes are glued on readers’ inboxes. 

The minute we see that reader get into the inbox, we get busy. Not just bouncing off of what’s happening inside your world but across our vast network. It’s like putting your list on steroids. 

Because your trigger is getting fired as soon as we see that happen. 

Case Studies

Traders Agency was one of the first companies to give Inbox Mailers a test drive. As soon as the team turned it on, they’d increased their sales by 60% weekly in less than one month. That was just in the first month. And at the same time, they saw a 3x higher open rate using this SaaS technology. Before launching Inbox Mailers, it took them about 15,500 emails just to generate one sale. With Inbox Mailers in place, they only needed 4,400 emails to generate that sale.

Soon after getting their feet wet, they used the technology in every single one of their broadcasts. Take a look at what these triggers did for them and what they can do for you.
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LeadMark was the next company to put Inbox Mailers into play. You see, they’re a lead generation company that sends a full portfolio of newsletters out to their leads. Before they started with Inbox Mailers, they saw open rates between 15-22%. Once these triggers were in place, that metric climbed to 50-70%. All while seeing increased subscriber engagement and monetization.

Best of all, they did it without seeing any degradation in click engagement. Take a look at what a game changer it turned out to be for LeadMark.
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How The Inbox Mailers Pricing Model Works

Once people figure out how Inbox Mailers works, their next immediate question is, “How much does Inbox Mailers cost?”

Considering all of the huge benefits you get, it’s hard to believe how cheap (and easy) it is to get this tested and start seeing results in the first 24 hours. 

So, the next question you’ll be asking is “How can I get more triggers?” 

Our pricing is based on usage. You only pay for what you actually use. 

That allows you to get your feet wet with very little risk and take a look at results to see how much you want to scale up those triggered sends from there. 

But that’s just the pricing model right now. A good deal. Because, as you can imagine, as the network expands, those rates will rise right along with the growth of that network database. 

There are already 15-25 clients currently vying for those triggers while eyes are in the inbox. And remember, we already talked about the fact that you can only send 3-4 triggers per inbox visit before typical user behavior kicks in and those emails start getting deleted en-mass. 

As it sits right now, our system randomly decides which of those 15-25 will translate into the three triggered emails that get sent. But it won’t always work that way.

It doesn’t take a degree in higher math to know that there’s a lot of competition and that competition will only grow. 

In the near future, we can easily see this pricing model shift to more of a bidding platform. Winning placement will go to the highest bidders, and bidders can pick and choose which of those triggered sends matter most to them. 

Because ultimately, they’re bidding on more than a triggered send. They’re bidding on those 50-70% open rates, the higher likelihood of a click, the better inboxing, the higher deliverability, the more efficient monetization, and the boosted email reputation. 

They’re also bidding on the elixir that turns zombie lists into highly engaged subscribers. And that means you can reanimate stagnant subscribers at a much lower cost than it takes to attract brand new eyes to your file. So every aspect of your email marketing is working more efficiently and effectively. 

And you’ll never have to wonder about the best time to send, because with Inbox Mailers having inside access to your subscribers’ inbox activity, you’ll know. Without a doubt. And your message will be delivered at the best time, every time. 

Considering that most people check their email about 15 times a day, that’s a wealth of opportunity just waiting for you to tap into it. 

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. And that network of opportunity is growing each and every day. 

One of the reasons it’s growing so rapidly is because each and every Inbox Mailers client also gets a VIP onboarding and premium technical support. Because while setting this up sounds complicated, it’s a whole lot easier than you think. Especially when one of our White Glove representatives holds your hand through the entire process. 

No headaches. No hassles. No jumping through hoops. 

Just the support you need when you need it.

The point is:

It’s Not Rocket Science

We have all sorts of excuses we use to thwart our success. At Inbox Mailers, we ensured that complexity wasn’t one you could resort to. 

Inbox Mailers is a no-excuses zone. And our White Glove process is what makes us say that with such confidence. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of technical comfort, we’ve got you covered.  

Most of our clients have everything in place the next day, with solid results pouring in the day after. 

But the magic can’t start until you do. 

We’ve been in the game for a long time, and we’ve never seen anything like it. 

Inbox Mailers is changing the game. But you can’t win if you don’t play.