Traders Agency is a media company driven by the expertise of one person: Ross Givens.

A Futures trader with over a decade of experience and a sharp eye for market patterns, Ross teaches his audience to find those patterns and use them to make more money in the market. Ross is an educator in his regular newsletters, his advanced classes, and his live trading room: The Futures War Room.

More Sales Per Week
20 %


Open Rate

While sending just 17% more Mail

Taking Emails from Content to Conversion

Taking Emails from Content to Conversion

Traders Agency was sending out three or four emails per week to their list of 35,000, and converting a decent number of those emails to direct sales – but not enough, especially for how much content they were putting out.

They came to InboxMailers looking for help selling more War Room subscriptions and directing more students to their paid advanced classes, without a huge increase in the work they were already doing.

They needed a higher return on their time and energy investments.

Triggered Emails Target Smarter,
Not Harder


One Sale For Every


Emails Sent


One Sale For Every


Emails Sent

Traders Agency implemented Inbox Mailers, which lets you send triggered emails when users are in their inbox. Instantly, this tool led to a major and consistent increase in conversions without much additional effort on the client’s part.

Now, when a customer opens one of Ross’ content emails, they’re put into a workflow which assesses their previous decisions and potential for future purchases and sends them a targeted follow-up email to trigger their next buy – ensuring it’s the product or class that suits them best. This workflow is automated, so once it’s set up there’s no additional work to be done.

The specificity of this process improves the chances of a sales conversion, since the customer is never offered something they’ve already purchased or an education product that’s below the level of their most recent class. Plus, the customer only enters it once in an 18-hour period, so there’s no risk of the spam effect causing mass unsubscribes.

Traders Agency’s Conversion Rate More Than Tripled

Traders Agency’s Conversion Rate More Than Tripled

To put conversions into comparable terms: before the triggered email process, Traders Agency converted one sale for every 15,454 mails sent; after using Inbox Mailers, they converted one sale for every 4,395 mails sent. That’s less than a third of the previous required sends to get to the same conversion. Add to that the more than tripled open rate and you’ve got a clear picture of the revenue increase Inbox Mailers helped Traders Agency achieve – all with very little effort, once the trigger was set up.

Inbox Mailers has been proven to increase open rates and conversions by a large margin, while simultaneously offering customers more of what they want rather than blasting them with more of what they don’t. The result: more revenue for less work, and no resulting mass unsubscribes.


Not getting the desired conversion rate on THEIR content output


Triggered Emails Sent Via A Smart automated workflow


Tripled Open Rates and more than tripled conversions