About Us

About Us

Helping email marketers thrive!

We help you improve your revenue, email deliverability and increase your open and engagement rates by sending emails to your subscribers when they are in their inbox!

Are you ready to engage with more of your leads and subscribers? Inbox Mailers offers a email marketing platform that will beat your expectation, and in fact, our #1 most requested question is … “How can I get more triggers?“! Inbox Mailers enables you to go beyond the usual “spray and pray” email blast tactics. We use a unique approach that taps into the psychology of subscribers and takes advantage of their behavior while they are in their inbox.

Our founders are pioneers in the digital marketing space who have created multipule ventures in and around email marketing. Their concepts, ideas and tactics are used in billion dollar companies and proven over and over again with billions of sends each month. Inbox Mailers was created after using the technology for ourselves and our clients. Created out of necessity and demand from the market to create the technology and network to enable all businesses who use email marketing.  

John Gardner, CIO

Joel Skretvedt, CEO

Eric Johnson, CMO