Frequently Asked Questions

Since this is a new and novel idea, there’s bound to be questions and some level of curiosity about what exactly
Inbox Mailers is and the value it adds to email marketing! 
We don’t want to leave you hanging. Here are a few
questions that will clear your doubts and keep you informed about Inbox Mailers.

Inbox Mailers enables businesses to be alerted when their subscribers are in their inbox viewing email and sending a ‘triggered email’ instantly while their subscriber is in the inbox, getting record setting open rates, click rates and revenue; tapping into a human behavior that is changing the game of email marketing.

Inbox Mailers is the only platform to enable businesses to be alerted when their subscribers are in their inbox and instantly sending a triggered email. We have built the technology to filter, identify, and respond instantly, enabling businesses to tap into results that being a Inbox Mailer produces.

This coupled with our extensive network of clients, creating unlimited opportunities for you to send triggered emails to your same subscriber creates a matrix of opportunities that result in significant lifts in engagement and revenue.

We have spent millions and sent hundreds of millions proving time and again that mailing while subscribers are in their inbox produces, on average, a 2x – 5x higher open rate and a 1x – 2x high click-through rates without any derogation in the EPC, which means much more revenue per send by sending at the right time.

It also boosts your email deliver-ability, inboxing, reputation and sender scores; improving all of your broadcast sends. You may not full understand the variables in email deliver-ability, but internet service providers have made it their mission to cut the spam and only deliver emails to your inbox that you read and engage in, the rest go to spam or promotions tab. They watch, track and measure hundreds of different metrics. This proven psychological behavior lifts your responses rates, your revenue and your deliverabilty – lifting all of your sends!

No, Inbox Mailers works across all domains, ISPs and ESPs. We integrate with almost all major ESPs to easily and instantly fires your email, using your ESP, from your domain at the time your subscriber is in their inbox.

This improves your overall deliver-ability, inboxing, reputation, sender score and more!

We made this simple for a reason:

1) Simply install one line of code in the email templates that you send to your subscribers. You’ll want to include it in all of them.

2) Then simply integrate your account to your ESP and select the email you want to send out as a triggered email to your subscriber.

THAT’S IT!!! From there, triggered emails will start firing when your subscribers are in the inbox and you start seeing higher open rates, click rates and revenue!


“Mass Mailing” is just a term used for email marketers who send a large amount of emails, usually over 100k weekly.

According to data from Experian analyzed by Customer.io, Tuesday is the best day to get your email opened compared to other days of the week. HubSpot also confirmed that Tuesday is the best day to send an email, followed by Thursday.

Millions of dollars have gone into that research, and millions have gone into research of inbox mailing. So much so that Verizon, Inc. spent millions on their own research when buying Yahoo! Mail. They also have seen the benefit of sending when in the inbox and created a (much higher priced) solution to advertisers that *only* apply to Yahoo.com domains. You can see it below:

However, inbox mailers is domain agnostic and works across all subscribers email addresses.

The critical email marketing metrics like open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate depend on the industry, time of the day, subject line, etc. On average, 20% of subscribers open an email, and around 4% click on the link.

Using our platform will improve these results, it’s as simple as that! That means by default, more revenue!

Access to the platform is only $99 a month. Please find out more about available plans on our pricing page.

Credits are only $0.006 cents. (1 Credit is equal to 1 Triggered Email)

We are currently running a promotion where new customers are given 16,500 credits at signup for free!

Absolutely Not! Your only sending to people who are already subscribers of yours, no one else can see, figure out, view or has access to your subscribers or list.

The only time a list is uploaded by you is if you wish to send a certain triggered email to a specific list. We then check your lists to verify that you have the subscriber who we know is currently in their inbox; once a match is made, we fire off your triggered email to your subscriber.

NO! This does not require any coding knowledge or experience. Simply cute and past the pixel code from your account into your emails, we provide instructions on how to do this through the different ESPs and mailing platforms here.

Inbox Mailers helps you know when your subscribers are in their inbox and to send out a triggered email during this critical window of time. This timing strategy is what has proven to get substantially higher results, tapping into the psychology of inbox behavior. We don’t know of other email marketing services that provide anything like this.