Frequently Asked Questions

There’s bound to be questions and some level of curiosity about what exactly Inbox Mailers is and the value it adds to email marketing!  We don’t want to leave you hanging. Here are a few questions that will clear your doubts and keep you informed about Inbox Mailers.

Inbox Mailers lets list owners send triggered emails when their subscribers are actively in the inbox, reading someone else’s messages. These triggered emails sent at that  exact time get generate a 50% – 70%+ open rate with no degradation in the click to open percent or in your revenue per click. , which means more clicks and more revenue with each send!

You can send right from our platform OR integrate with your ESP and send from there.

This strategy has proven to solve two big problems for everyone who emails: 

  1. Low Open Rates and Low Clicks = SOLVED!
  2. Re-Engaging your Dead List (Unengaged List) = SOLVED! 

Inbox Mailers is the only platform to enable businesses to be alerted when their subscribers are in their inbox and instantly send a triggered email. We have built the technology and network to filter, identify, and respond instantly, enabling businesses to tap into results far better than the traditional “spray and pray” email broadcasts without being limited by technology.

This, coupled with the extensive network of inbox mailers, its clients, and partners, creates many more opportunities for you to send triggered emails to your subscribers, giving you the opportunity for results that you would have never had before.

In addition, Inbox Mailers is by far, the best solution to increase your ‘Inboxing & Deliverability”. This does exactly what the ISPs what to see = high engagement on your sends (more people opening your emails). This strategy DRASTICALLY improves your Domain and IP Health and sender score because a much higher % of your sends are generating 50% – 70% open rates. 

We have spent millions and sent hundreds of millions of emails, proving time and again that mailing instantly while subscribers are in their inbox produces a 50% – 70% open rate without any derogation in the click to open rates nor the EPC (earnings per click), which means much more revenue per send.

In addition, it boosts your email deliverability, inboxing, reputation and sender scores; which in turn, improves all of your broadcast sends performance. You may not fully understand the variables in email deliverability, but internet service providers have made it their mission to cut the spam and only deliver emails to a users inbox that they read, the rest go to spam or a promotions tab. They watch, track and measure hundreds of different metrics.

This psychological behavior of reading ‘triggered’ emails that come in while they are in their inbox lifts your responses rates, your revenue and your reputation – lifting all of your sending efforts!

No, Inbox Mailers works across all domains, ISPs and ESPs. We integrate with almost all major ESPs to easily and instantly fire your triggered email, using your ESP, from your domain at the time your subscriber is in their inbox.

This improves your overall deliverability, inboxing, reputation, sender score and more!

This drastically improves all of your broadcast inboxing and deliverability, which generates more opens, which generates more triggers, which generates a better reputation, which improves Deliverability & Inboxing which generates more opens, and the process repeats.

There are a few major differences between Inbox Mailers compared to Inbox Ally and one could argue it’s not really a comparison because Inbox Mailers is a multiple-solution platform. But to compare apples to apples let’s take a look below and compare solutions:

Inbox Ally claims to teach email providers to put your messages in the inbox, resulting in increased open rates and your bottom line while it is true that getting higher inbox rates will result in an increase to your bottom line and increased opens. (not open rates necessarily, in other words, just because you get more emails delivered to the inbox doesn’t mean your rate of opens will increase, just that you should get more opened emails because more were delivered to the inbox to have the chance of being opened.)

Inbox Ally’s approach compared to Inbox Mailers is VERY DIFFERENT, in short, Inbox Ally ‘fakes’ what Inbox Mailers actually does with real subscribers on a much smaller scale. Inbox Ally gives you a seed list of 500 or 1,000 email addresses that you include in your mailings and when you mail to these addresses, they will open the emails, click on the emails, and make it look or appear to the email providers that these emails are highly engaged. However, the problem with this strategy is manyfold:

1) Depending on the size of your list, a 500 email seed list for $645, a 1,000 email seed list for $1,200, or even a 5,000 email seed list for $6,000 doesn’t affect your overall percentage very much and is very expensive compared to Inbox Mailers.

2) The threat of your Domain, IP Address, and Reputation being flagged and/or blacklisted by email providers is real, they have teams of people and spend hundreds of millions fighting spam and methods like these to prevent spammers from trying to “work their system”.

3) There is no financial benefit to these fake emails being open, and clicked and in many cases throwing off your email and website analytics and campaign reporting.

Inbox Mailers is a completely different strategy of sending triggered emails at the time your subscribers are in their inbox, by you firing triggered emails to your own openers amounts to generating additionally thousands of highly engaged sends every time you send (not just 500 or 1,000) 

How many opens do you generate with each send? Now, take 50% – 70% percent of that number and you are generating that amount of highly engaged sends which is a substantially higher amount, much, much cheaper, and to real people (no risk of being flagged or blacklisted) and these emails are generating revenue as normal.

The Email Providers see a MUCH HIGHER percentage of your sends being highly engaged than just 500 or 1,000 contacts.

PLUS, Inbox Mailers gives you the ability to send triggers when your subscriber is in their inbox reading emails other than yours, by you sending triggers at this time generates an EVEN HIGHER PERCENTAGE of your total sends become highly engaged lifting your overall results even further with the email providers. These opportunities could result in doubling or even tripling your percentage of highly engaged sends.

These are just two reasons why Inbox Mailers is the best deliverability solution, by far!

Absolutely Not! You’re only sending to people who are already subscribers of yours, no one else can see, figure out, view or has access to your subscribers.

We then check your lists to verify that you have the subscriber who we know is currently in their inbox reading another email from someone else; if a match is made and we see you have the same subscriber, we fire off your triggered email to your subscriber through your ESP.

Yes, we do! We offer steep discounts on our subscriptions to Non-Profits and Universities. 

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