LeadMark is one of the largest lead generation companies in the financial industry. They send north of 100 million emails per month, both editorial and promotional, generating leads for financial publications and other large clients in FinServ.

Their business model – a blend of editorial newsletters and dedicated promotional sends – is sound, but the driving question of LeadMark’s business is: “how do we keep people more engaged, encourage more clicks, and generate more leads?” That’s where InboxMailers comes in.

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LeadMark’s Goal Is Always to Increase Clicks

LeadMark’s Goal Is Always to Increase Clicks

LeadMark is paid by their clients on a per-click basis in some cases, so the goal is always to generate more clicks – and for those clicks to convert to sales for the client, which boosts revenue and retention. Before implementing InboxMailers, LeadMark was averaging a decent open rate on their sends, anywhere from 10% to 20%, but they wanted to increase that.

As part of their Black Friday sales strategy, one of LeadMark’s clients wanted to promote a deal where new customers could get a year’s subscription to their service for just 99 cents – as opposed to the usual $100 fee. This was a great opportunity for LeadMark to implement InboxMailers and assess the results.

Triggered Promotional Emails


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The results of the Black Friday test were amazing: the triggered promotional emails saw an open rate of around 50%, nearly triple the usual rate for a dedicated send.

In the weeks following, LeadMark used InboxMailers on more of their emails, and the results held steady: open rates on triggered sends were consistently between 50 and 70%. For one email, the manual send had a 10.48% open rate, which jumped to 47.89% when the same content was used in a triggered send – nearly five times open rate of the manual send.

InboxMailers set up a workflow to tighten the targeting even further, ensuring that subscribers would always get new, relevant offers and that content wouldn’t go stale.

As they continued using Inbox Mailers, unsubscribe rates did not go up, and LeadMark doubled their clicks. They continued to send manual dedicated emails in addition to the triggered sends, but with nearly three times the open rates, they are now able to generate more revenue without increasing volume.

As a bonus, the open rates on the triggered sends have improved LeadMark’s average open rates and click rates on their normal sends because it improved their deliverability and inboxing. In other words, their emails are more likely to go straight to the user’s inbox, which makes them more likely to be opened and clicked, which only improves their deliverability – the two boost each other; this is referred to as the ‘email cycle’.

The success of the InboxMailers triggered send workflow for LeadMark was so dramatic that InboxMailers began to implement the tool for other clients. The open rates for these triggered emails have held steady at 45-70% and the resulting increase in revenue has been equally impressive.

Leadmark implemented InboxMailers Triggered Send Tool

Leadmark implemented InboxMailers Triggered Send Tool

With the use of InboxMailers’ tool, LeadMark implemented a workflow that would send triggered promotional emails to subscribers immediately after they opened the specified editorial email.

The week of Thanksgiving, they highlighted the client’s guru in every editorial send, sharing his financial advice and his take on the current state of the market. Then, when the promotion started on Thursday, they mentioned it in that day’s newsletter – everyone who opened that email got another email within seconds, promoting the 99 cent deal.

The follow-up promo email was triggered by the opening of the editorial, and it was directly linked to the newsletter’s content: the subject line was something along the lines of “Oops, I forgot to send you this special one-time deal.”


Need to increase clicks/leads to boost revenue, without adding too much volume


triggered promotional emails sent through a detailed workflow


dramatically increased open rates and clicks with almost no additional labor or volume