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Why Inbox Mailers

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and potential leads alike.
But you don’t need to be alone in your email marketing journey.Know when someone is in their inbox
with Inbox Mailers soyou can send out an email during this window of time.

91 % of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with

Great for Startups

Email marketing stands out as the most effective digital marketing channel for startups. 91 % of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. 

In addition to being a direct and efficient marketing tool, email is also a super flexible channel that allows your business to try out different marketing campaign ideas. 

It’s easy to set up and oversee and empowers your startup to interact with your customers and clients specifically. If you’re just launching your startup, make email marketing a top priority. It is a simple and efficient way to communicate with potential customers and showcase your product or service.

With email marketing, you can:

  • Build a Responsive Mailing List For Your Startup
  • Send Targeted And Personalized Content
  • Build Credibility & Boost Sales
  • Increased Traffic to Your Website

The most compelling reason new companies and private ventures utilize IM is due to its effortlessness, record of deliverability, high open rate, CTR, and ease of setting up. 

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all forms of digital marketing

Ideal Enterprise Solution

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all forms of digital marketing. The benefit of email marketing for enterprises comes down to it being a cost-effective solution to get leads and keep them engaged. It is a great way to get customers to visit your website.

With IM email marketing solutions, you’ll be able to:

  • Establish your authority as a market leader
  • Boost your sales and revenue
  • Stay organized with segmentation
  • Attract new clients and customers
  • Grow your audience

If you’re looking for high engagement, better deliverability, exceptional segmentation, and automation features, IM is among the best options you’ll ever find.

Email is 40 times more effective than social media marketing in helping your business acquire new customers.

Effective for News Publishers

Email marketing is a highly effective way for publishers to grow their audience, keep them engaged and drive revenue for their businesses. 

Every savvy publisher knows that email marketing drives the highest ROI of any marketing tactic, and they’re all using it to their advantage. Email advertising is nearly 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers.

You’ll get optimal ROI when you include email in your marketing mix. It will help you reach a broader target audience who is ready to buy your offer. You’ll drive more web traffic, boost sales, and increase your income.

IM affords you the opportunity to:

  • Get increased traffic to your news
  • Grow your audience
  • Send Targeted And Personalized Content
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Get better brand recognition

IM automated email tool is to help you chase value and not vanity. With IM triggers, you can align yourselves with your email marketing goals. There is no need to chase impressions, clicks, or page views, but you’ll focus on CRT, CTOR, and conversion rate. The goal of IM is to get you more sales, more leads, and more revenue. Let’s work together to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Millennials spend about 6.4 hours each day reading their emails.

Excellent for Marketers

A 2015 Adobe study estimates that millennials spend about 6.4 hours each day reading their emails.

It’s not just millennials that use email. A lot of Gen Z and Digital Native use email daily, and they check their inbox at every available opportunity: while working out, eating, during break time, and even when using the bathroom or restroom. 

Marketers can harness email marketing to:

  • Create effective marketing outreach
  • Get Better Brand Recognition
  • Build stronger Customer Relationships
  • Optimize Their Time and Budget

IM provides a reliable form of communication between your brand and your customers. It’s a cost-effective solution to reach customers when they are right in their inbox.

Marketing Week reports that email generates over $37B retail sales annually.

Exception solution for Ecommerce

Email marketing provides an excellent opportunity for impulse buying. You can nurture a customer to make another purchase through lead nurturing. Marketing Week reports that email generates over $37B retail sales annually.

It’s not possible to reach out to all eCommerce customers by phone or in person. Email campaign bridges that gap. According to eMarketer research, 80 percent of professionals agreed that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Email is more likely to drive sales than social media marketing.

IM makes automating your campaigns, personalizing your messages, and understanding email marketing data easier. IM triggers are the key selling point – it offers your business one of the most competitive email marketing solutions available. 

Take your email marketing to the next level with IM. Experience improved open rate, better CTR, and deliverability of your email campaigns.