Six Important Tips to Increase Email Marketing Engagement

Six Important Tips to Increase Email Marketing Engagement

Want to improve your email marketing engagement and boost your conversion in the long run? Well, that’s possible if you do the right thing and understand what your audience wants.  

Selecting the right title can improve engagement. Knowing when your subscribers are mostly to engage will yield more conversions and result in higher sales. Let’s get started with what email marketing engagement means:

What is email marketing engagement? 

It is the overall process of boosting your sales by getting your potential customers more involved with what you or your business offers. For email campaigns to be effective and convert, you need a higher opening (CTOR) and click-through rates (CTR) to convert prospects into loyal and recurring customers. 

How do you improve your email marketing engagement? Let’s quickly take a look at six best ways to achieve this:

Your Subject Line is Important

The email subject or headline is the first opportunity to create an impression in the heart of your prospects. Your choice of words in your email title matters a lot, particularly when you have a short space to make that impression. 

With 5.59 billion active email users worldwide and 293 billion numbers of emails circulated worldwide, the more you stand out in your customer’s email account, the better. An email reader will decide in less than 8 seconds whether to continue reading or click on the next mail. 

Your headlines should be short and engaging. Master the art of saying much with fewer words.

When so many things are competing for your subscribers’ attention, why should they check out the mail right now? The benefits of your email copy should be clear and convincing.

Your headline should create mystery, attract your customers, and yet be personal. Use your headline to engage your subscribers or create a sense of urgency with it. Address “what’s in it for your readers.” In other words, convince the reader that reading this email right away will be of help.

Offer Value – Don’t Play Tricks. 

Now you’ve succeeded in creating a short and yet great subject line for your email. But increasing your click-through rates through compelling headlines is not enough. You want to keep your customer engaged in the rest of the mail. If you use bait headlines, you may be remembered to be ignored or marked as spam. 

“Email users will often remember you for useful content, as they would for a bad one.”

If there’s nothing relevant and engaging for your customers in your content, they’ll feel toyed with. Ask yourself as you write your emails, “What’s in it for my readers? Am I truly giving them what I promised in my headline?” At the end of every content, your customers should have the feeling of receiving something from you – they should want to hear more from you; they should feel apt in recommending you to others.

Be Sensitive to Timing

Just as it’s unlikely to drink coffee in the afternoon, it’s unlikely to have your emails read when you send them at odd hours of the day. Timing is everything. 

While it’s true that contents may be “hours-of-the-day sensitive,” you also want to have your emails popping up when your customers are most likely sitting down and actively engaged with their computers. According to Hubspot, sending your email at the right time will double or triple your engagement rate

Use graphics and Pictures

Lively graphics and colorful movements in emails can create a sense of excitement for your readers. An impatient prospect who browses carelessly through his emails will likely stop to see the message in your graphics or motion pictures. 

Whatever you do to add life to your email will yield great returns. But remember to use only pictures and motions that aid your content.

Personalize your content.

Always remember this: you’re not selling to everyone. You’re selling to one person at a time. Send your email with the mindset of speaking to just one person. Always personalize your email content and tailor it to the needs of your target audience.

Create the impression that you’re talking to them as individuals, with content explicitly tailored to address their pain points. Again, this is why you must know and target your customers.

Have a Clear CTA

While it’s true that you want to increase sales via your email engagement, the scenario of being less forthright with making demands for fear is also true. It’s easy to forget the primary goal of every engagement you make with your customers – to help their decision-making process.

As you take them by the hands and lead them through your content, you’re doing two things:

  • You’re SHOWING them what to do. And,
  • TELLING them to do it.

After helping them see their problems and letting them know you understand their problems, you should go ahead to SHOW them what to do. Since you’ve created excitement and desire in their hearts, go even further to give your command. Don’t leave your audience hanging. Put your offer before them. – TELL THEM WHAT TO DO! This is what you do when you point them to the CTA button. 

Seeing that your offer will profit them indeed, make them do what you want them to do.

Discussed above are six tips that can influence your click-through and conversion rate. These tips will make a lot of impact on your email marketing efforts if you put them to practice. Always remember that: nothing happens until your email gets opened. 

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