Psychographic Segmentation Examples

Psychographic Segmentation examples

This is a follow-up to our deep dive on using psychographic segmentation in email marketing. 

And this new post is meant to help you enhance and expand your list segmentation by showing psychographic segmentation examples using:

  • 3 real-world companies / organizations
  • 3 business types

No beating around the bush. We’re jumping right in, starting with real-life brands. Stick around until the end for my #1 tip on segmentation currently.

REI’s Psychographic Segmentation Examples

  1. Outdoor adventurers
  2. Wannabe adventurers
  3. Those who like adventurer fashion but prefer indoor plumbing to tent life
  4. People intrigued by a co-op community versus a corporation
  5. Bad-weather preppers
  6. Those who want outdoor training classes
  7. Dog owners
  8. People in need of rental gear

Another segment REI targets is those who want to buy used outdoor gear as part of an Earth-friendly lifestyle. 

Also, they offer electronics for people using devices in extreme conditions.

Raising Cane’s Psychographic Segmentation Examples

Much more basic (intentionally):

  1. Chicken tender lovers
  2. Hungry families on the go
  3. Those who need catering
  4. People involved in their community 
  5. Dog lovers (their mascot since inception)

In an interview, the owner of Raising Cane’s, says he has resisted adding new menu items for decades. Why? It complicates what should be a simple and fast process of grabbing a quick meal. Think drive-thru hold-ups due to customers who can’t decide which of the 19 menu items they want. 

Cane’s has very few menu choices on purpose. This main psychographic segmentation keeps customers happy and makes life on the job easier for Cane’s employees.

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Lions Club International 

This non-profit organization is the largest service organization on Earth and has five main initiatives.

  1. Vision
  2. Diabetes
  3. Hunger
  4. Environment 
  5. Childhood cancer

A single option or segment of service could leave many volunteers out and push them to join other non-profits instead. 

Also, the Lions Club draws members to them with varying benefits for the members.

  1. Sense of purpose
  2. Chance to meet new people
  3. Give back
  4. Improve community
  5. Avoid isolation
  6. Make a bigger impact using the club’s global resources
  7. Grant opportunities

Each of those psychographic segmentation examples appeals to different people in different locations and life stages, right?

Now, Psychographic Segmentation Examples for Common Business Types

A marketing agency may target and focus on serving:

  1. Niche industries
  2. Blue-collar vs. white-collar businesses
  3. Companies with outdated websites
  4. Non-profits 
  5. Female-owned businesses
  6. Companies not currently running Facebook ads
  7. E-commerce solopreneurs
  8. Email marketers
  9. Social influencers for partnerships

That’s a small sampling of segmentation options. An agency could target and focus on countless details when it comes to its services and specialties.

Online Learning and Course Creators could focus on any number of these segments:

  1. Learners new to the subject matter
  2. People who prefer video learning
  3. Those needing ONLY a single skill for a specific job duty
  4. Night students versus daytime for live classes
  5. Edutainment versus ‘just the facts’
  6. Groups or 1:1 training
  7. Self-paced or step-by-step guided classes

Online learning has an advantage when it comes to psychographic segmentation because these audiences will naturally ask questions. This provides constant free intel on the best ways to segment the audience.

SaaS Psychographic Segmentation Examples

  1. User’s level of technical aptitude
  2. Specific software need is daily or less frequent
  3. Users familiar / unfamiliar with a similar software product
  4. Work inside a company versus small business owner
  5. Other online tools they currently use
  6. Goals related directly to the SaaS tool
  7. Comfortable using chatbots to assist them with technical hiccups
  8. Lead magnet that brought them into your funnel

Luckily with software tools, you can learn a ton by how your users interact with the platform. 

You’ll have to read between the lines to understand some of this data but it’s worth digging in because top-notch segmentation helps improve user experience and makes future marketing laser focused.

Psychographic Segmentation Examples Summary

Hopefully, those examples get your mind flowing with new and improved possibilities for email list segmentation. 

It’s fine to keep it simple like Cane’s. But there are opportunities to connect outside your business offerings using the Lions Club example or how REI builds community.

Look, plenty of articles on basic list segmentation exist but psychographics give you more options and can put you ahead of others in your industry. 

Because it’s not enough to sprinkle in personalization in emails. These days, many people see low-effort personalization as no better than generic email blasts to the masses.

It’s fine to include “Steve’s” name in emails to Steve. But think how much more impactful it is when Steve reads an email that is right on time with a problem he’s having in his business.

Or he doesn’t have his time wasted because, thankfully, you put him in the solopreneurs segment that does not receive emails about team building – which would not matter to Steve at all.

Work on psychographic segmentation and your email marketing messages will connect better with the right subscriber at the right time, while not wasting the time of the wrong subscriber receiving the wrong message.

Psychographic Segmentation examples

*My #1 tip for email list segmentation at the moment? Be sure you’re using engagement segmentation. Group subscribers together who click on your email links regularly. This highly engaged segment can be emailed more often, which should improve your overall deliverability.

And be careful assuming someone who opens all your emails is engaged. It could be unreliable Apple MPP opens— so trust clicks over opens if you’re unsure.

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