Usage Model: Easy and flexible pricing for your email marketing needs


Try the platform and instantly see higher open rates, engagement, and revenue!
$ 0
  • Comes with 500 credits monthly
  • NO additional credits can be purchased
  • Boost your email open rates without lifting a finger
  • Instantly send triggers when your subscribers open their emails
  • Increase your deliverability and sender scores / reputation
  • Get additonal revenue with higher open and click rates
  • Support (Email & Chat)


Become an Inbox Mailer and be part of the greatest email marketing revolution
$ 99
  • Comes with 16,500 Credits at time of Signup
  • additional credits are $0.006
  • Get 2x - 5x or more higher Open Rates
  • Get 1x - 2x or more higher Click Rates
  • Get much higher Revenue per email sent
  • Improve your overall Deliverabilty and Inboxing
  • Improve your Domain & IP Address Reputation & Sender Score
  • Re-engage your Un-engaged list (This is huge!)
  • Free access to the Network (LIMITED TIME ONLY)
  • Premium Support (Email, Chat & Phone)
w/ Network

Choose the right package

When engagement is everything… IM makes the difference!

Choose the right package that suits you and your business. Whether you’re a startup or business owner and just want to see the platform work for you to a full-blown email marketer; our pricing model is based on usage with a simple subscription to the platform.

Make your email message a memorable one with a great email trigger when your subscriber enters their inbox. With email triggers, you can’t go wrong with timing your messages right. Your dreams of getting better CTR and increased open rates
become a reality when you become an Inbox Mailer!

Simply try the platform for Free and get 500 Email Triggers each month!


Get FULL ACCESS to the platform for only $99 /month and get 16,500 Email Triggers.
(each additional trigger simply costs .006 cents (6 tenths of a penny))

Experience improved open rates and activate better engagement with Inbox Mailers. The difference is in the result you’ll get, improved CTR, and engagement. See the difference. Experience a whole new dimension of email engagement… while your subscribers are in their inbox.

Want to send more emails without hurting deliverability and getting flagged for spam?
Want to send more emails without hurting deliverability and getting flagged for spam?