Inbox Mailers Update: Creatives Feature + AI-fueled Tools

Inbox Mailers

Good news from the update desk of Inbox Mailers. It is now easier and faster to use the platform to double or even triple open rates.

Making the process more efficient for email marketers will lighten your workload. 

Not only will current users of the platform benefit. But email marketers who want to test out Inbox Mailers’ triggered emails can now do so without even bolting our platform onto their email service provider (ESP)!

Meaning… new users can be up and running with our triggered sends in no time. So you can see improved engagement and higher sender scores in days.

Let’s break down the new Inbox Mailers features…


  • Creatives’ allows users to send emails directly from their Inbox Mailers dashboard
  • This makes the user’s ESP choice a non-factor— no set-up hassles or delays
  • FREE: Creatives comes at no additional charge to Inbox Mailers’ paid subscribers  

⭐New features video explainer (5 mins)

Inbox Mailers

This update gives you the option of using Inbox Mailers directly versus switching between your ESP and the Inbox Mailers dashboard. Helpful because…

*Task switching between two tasks at a time erodes 40% of your productive time for each and 20% is lost to context switching.

Inbox Mailers’ New AI-powered Tools

  • Save time on email design and content
  • Reduce tedious manual tasks
  • Can also save time on content research 


🤖AI saves Netflix $1 billion a year

🤖16% of organizations are using AI for sentiment analysis

Inbox Mailers

🤖33% of marketers that use AI use it to help generate content ideas

Source: Hootsuite

Saving a few steps with your triggered email sends is a huge help, especially for megamailers. The more streamlined the better, right?

How to Use Inbox Mailers’ Newest Features

The best part about our platform’s new features is that they will be ready to use right from your Inbox Mailers dashboard. Nothing to sign up for, no button to hit. 

Just log in like normal, you’ll see the ‘Creatives’ feature prominently displayed on your dashboard.

Again, we wanted everything to be seamless and efficient… and totally free for our loyal subscribers who are using the platform to get 50% – 70% open rates and higher click volume. 

3 Ways to See Creatives and Our AI Features in Action

#1 Watch this quick video showing how the new features are easily accessed for current users.

#2 Not signed up for Inbox Mailers yet? Just schedule a free one-on-one demo here. 

#3  If your email list is dead then you should try reEngaged which also has the new features since that platform is powered by Inbox Mailers (users are reactivating up to 30% of inactive subscribers).

You’re in the driver’s seat. Creatives and our AI-fueled email tools are here when you decide to put them to use. Same goes for if you prefer working through your ESP with Inbox Mailers bolted on, you’re in control.

Either way, you still have top billing in the inbox because your emails are being triggered while your subscribers have their eyeballs glued to their inbox.

And if you have any questions at all about these awesome new features, here’s our support page and support contact link.

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John Gardner

John Gardner is an expert email marketer and co-founder of Inbox Mailers. He specializes in email segmentation and improving overall deliverability, helping top brands and businesses optimize their email marketing strategy.