How to Increase Email Marketing ROI (without any complex strategies)

Email Marketing ROI

You don’t have to wait, I’m handing you 3 easy ways to increase your email marketing ROI right from the top. 

Then, I’ll go deeper after that if you want to keep reading. More reading for more ROI is a smart move though.

Increase Email Marketing ROI the Easy Way

1️⃣Email more to your most engaged readers

2️⃣Focus on better email deliverability (undelivered emails can’t sell anything)

3️⃣Re-engage unengaged subscribers (try reEngaged instead of a lame Hail Mary email saying “We miss you”)

Breaking down each point:

  • Engaged readers increase your sender score, IP health, and inbox placement. Positive signals lead to more opens and sales.
  • Deliverability means subscribers actually see your Buy Button vs. being hidden in spam or undelivered altogether.
  • reEngaged is proven to reactivate up to 30% of a dead list. It’s powered by Inbox Mailers’ unique triggers so your emails arrive when those inactive subscribers are actively in their inbox. See results in hours! Try reEngaged. 

More email marketing ROI help below…

7 Reasons Your Email Marketing ROI is Decreasing

If you’re still with me… great.

Below are 7 possible reasons your email ROI is decreasing.
  1. Readers are overwhelmed with email 
  1. Your list growth slowed
  1. Your ads or calls-to-action have gotten stale
  1. Subscribers are not receiving any of your emails (more on that in a sec)
  1. Your emails are not phone-friendly
  1. List segmentation efforts are slacking
  1. Not keeping up with email trends

Let me dig into each of those.

  1. Each year, it’s harder to stand out in the inbox as more marketers see the light… that email marketing ROI is around $40 to $1 spent💡.
  1. Your products/services may not need to be purchased more than once or twice, so new subscribers are a must.
  1. Recent study found readers tend to ignore the same ad copy over and over.
  1. Many emailers send transactional emails from the same domain as their marketing emails. Unwise, since this can boost odds of neither being delivered.
  1. Email campaigns should be easily readable on mobile. 
  1. Segmenting lists is easier than ever with automated tools so don’t miss this easy ROI booster.
  1. Simple things like an emoji in the subject line are proven to increase open rates but if you don’t know this, fewer readers open your email and obviously don’t buy anything.

Confusion plays a role in email marketing ROI too.

Big Misconception in Email Land

Many marketers see deliverability and inbox placement as the same thing.

They believe if the email was delivered, that’s a win.

It is, but not as big a win as being delivered to the right box— the inbox. 

Not the spam folder.

Not the promotions tab.

Not the social tab.

Inbox placement is crucial to having your email campaigns read. 

Now, believe it or not, surveys show people will sift through their spam folder to be sure they didn’t miss an important message.

But you don’t want subscribers to have to take extra steps just to find your email. That jeopardizes your email ROI. 

Plus, surveys on what people “say” they do versus what they “do” are shaky.

What about when a subscriber almost buys from your company?

Email Marketing ROI Crashes Due to Landing Pages

Saw a brand comparison in Inbox Hacking (we sponsor that Newsletter) that highlighted landing pages’ weaknesses.

When readers click from your email’s call-to-action, are they certain they arrived at the right place?

If something looks off or confusing, there goes the sale!

Be sure there is consistency between your CTAs and the landing page the subscriber goes to after clicking. 

  • Use similar wording
  • Make colors and fonts match up

Simply put… pay off the promise of the copy leading up to the button or text link readers click on.

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Your landing page can never be too plainly written, simple, or obvious. What’s in your head about your offers is automatic. It’s crystal clear to you. But imagine a reader who barely knows anything about your business. Make things obvious. Hold their hand.

Great emails need great landing pages to get the ROI up.

This next strategy is for organizations that plan on being around for many years to come.

Keep Subscribers Happy 

Think back. 

To the single purchases you’ve made from various businesses. How many emails did it take to get you to finally spend money with that brand? 5? 15? 70?

Now, if it took 70, then you must have been happy with the 69 emails they sent beforehand, right? 

Else you would have unsubscribed or stopped opening them and the spam filter would have made them mostly invisible to you.

But by keeping you happy with the email content, you stuck around and eventually made a purchase.

Do the same with your subscribers. Focus on keeping them happy so they:

  • Keep engaging 
  • Forward your emails to others
  • Give you feedback occasionally
  • Stay subscribed
  • Keep you in the back of their minds at very least
  • Remain a potential buyer or client
  • Can one day contribute to your email campaigns’ ROI

Stick with me for two more tactics (both easy to test).

Last 2 Tactics for Improving Email Marketing ROI

Triggered emails have a very high open rate. Why though?

The reason’s simple. The person receiving the email expects the email and wants that email. Because they took a related action that triggered that email.

Take advantage of this.

⭐One way is to let Inbox Mailers trigger the emails for you (new tools coming next week that make this extra easy to test and set up). Your emails get triggered when your readers are most likely to read them – since they are actively reading other emails at that moment. More engagement, more revenue.

We have a free demo→ schedule here.

⭐The other way is to cross-sell and upsell. When someone makes a purchase you can set up a triggered email that offers them a related item or service. Increase chances of it working by:

  • Offering a discount
  • Cheaper or free shipping
  • A bonus item (could be a digital item that costs you nothing)

Triggered emails are your friend. Test them or increase your use of them soon. And be sure to check your email ROI before and after. Same goes for all the tactics we laid out above.


No need to try alleged “secret” tricks for increasing email marketing ROI. 

Not before you take the most basic steps laid out at the start of this post.

Emails must make it to the recipient (deliverability). Then they must make it to the inbox (inbox placement). 

And don’t forget to use tools that help with deliverability and inbox placement.

List-cleaning tools, for example, so you don’t send to bad email addresses that are inactive or worse, spam traps (more on spam traps here).

Bottom line is this. Email marketing return on investment can rise using simple and easy-to-implement tactics. Complex plans are not needed. I guarantee it.

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John Gardner is an expert email marketer and co-founder of Inbox Mailers. He specializes in email segmentation and improving overall deliverability, helping top brands and businesses optimize their email marketing strategy.