Free Hacks To Grow Your Email List

Free Hacks To Grow Your Email List

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is establishing an email list. You’ll need to employ strategies to get people’s attention and sign up for your emails.

They want to know that your content is invaluable — something that they don’t want to miss. The good news is that growing your email list doesn’t need to be expensive.

There are many free hacks available to grow your email list at a rapid pace. Here are the ten best email marketing strategies that don’t need money:


A giveaway can accelerate your email list at a fast pace. It’s a strategy to use if you’re starting. When we think of a giveaway, we often think about expensive ones like vacation trips or luxury items. A giveaway doesn’t have to cost you anything.

You can set up a giveaway of something that you already have. People are always looking for something of value. You can give access to an eBook, exclusive content, or even give out a discount.

Become a Podcast Guest

Guesting in a podcast exposes you to that podcast’s loyal listeners. It’s a way to gain access to a large crowd fast at no investment. Look for a podcast that matches well with your business and go from there. Podcasts are always eager to have guests, especially if you have valuable information for their listeners.

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Contribute to Industry Magazines

Like becoming a podcast guest, contributing to an industry magazine will yield rewards. You can even become a contributor to an online magazine with a steady following and see an increase. Many online magazines are always looking for contributors because it adds content to their website.

Joint Email Campaign

Partnering with a business can help increase the reach of both. You’ll gain access to another customer base while they’ll gain access to yours as a part of a collaboration. It can be a guest email post or a promotion that involves both companies. The result is that some from each audience will flow into the email list of the other.

Accept Guest Posts

Often guest posters will promote their content through their channels. It will drive their audience towards you. They get a promotion while you get more visibility, leading to more people opting for your mail list. It’s also a great way to generate content for free.

Promote Email Signups Using Your Apps and Social Media Channels

If you have an app, promoting your email will be easy as users already like your service. You can entice them with something that can help close the deal, signing them up. Another way to do this is to promote on your social media channels. End your posts with a call to action, stating the benefits of signing up to your email list.

Referral Rewards

Each name in your email list will have a lot of connections they can refer to. It can be people who are also interested. Setting up a referral rewards system will encourage them to sign people up. Including a discount or other types of rewards works for many companies.

Run a Competition

Like running sweepstakes, running a competition doesn’t have to cost you anything. You can use the resources you already have, from discounts to inventory or even exclusive access. You can also set up a competition to benefit you by running one for something you need. Examples include a new logo, a new tagline, etc.

Churn Out Quality Content

While you may not be writing this content for email, it can drive people to subscribe to your email list. When you’re writing content, take some time to ensure it’s something your audience wants to read. Then place a call to action or an opt-in page for them to sign up to the email list.

Host a Webinar

Even with a basic setup, you can host a webinar. People love going to webinars as it is a way for them to get free information. Then you can promote the value of your email list during the webinar, and some will sign up.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Growing your email list may take some work, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Doing any of these things or a combination of them can lead to more subscribers in a short time. Integrate them into the funnel to your email marketing strategy, and reap the rewards.

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