Email Marketing – Timing is Everything with Amazon’s Affiliate Program 

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In this Article:

  • Why Email?
  • Best Email Send Times
  • Email Timing Examples
  • More Timing Factors w/ Amazon Affiliate Email Marketing
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Caution With Email Frequency
  • Amazon Affiliate Wrap Up
  • Bonus optimal send time (by industry)

Don’t leave money on the table. Email marketing can easily boost your earnings from the Amazon Affiliate program. Same goes for any affiliate program because email marketing consistently outperforms other marketing channels (up to $42 ROI for every $1 spent).

This post looks at email marketing best practices and best times to send marketing emails to your followers. Email keeps your followers and fans engaged and is a great add-on to your blog and social media efforts.

Why Email Marketing?

Nothing wrong with sticking with YouTube or Twitch if that’s where your fans are. 

But what happens if you get kicked off those platforms? Unlikely. But the algorithm could change and affect your reach. Platform rules could change as well and affect how you connect with your audience.

A hedge against unforeseen issues is having an email list. You own the list, a faceless corporation doesn’t.

Using email marketing is a smart move regardless because:

  • 72% of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication
  • 86% of professionals give priority to email connection
  • Email is 40% better at converting (versus Facebook & Twitter)

You may know the best time to post videos or tweet to drive traffic to your Amazon Affiliate products – when’s the best time to send an email though?

Best Email Send Times

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Inbox Mailers sends triggered emails based on when email users are actively in their inbox. This is proven timing and you can see case studies on how it works here. And there’s an affiliate program available if you wanna take a look.

There’s more timing advice out there too though.

Decent advice from other websites like:

  1. Don’t send on weekends.
  2. Avoid emailing after work hours on weekdays.
  3. Research has shown – after 24 hours of landing in an inbox, an email’s chance of being opened drops to about 1%.
  4. Top 3 days to send emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  5. Many suggest sending your emails between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM

Thing to remember is your Amazon Affiliate audience. Same with any affiliate program because your followers / email subscribers have unique traits and habits.

Email Timing Examples:

  • Certain time zones
  • Work schedules
  • Typical shopping times
  • Holidays specific to them
  • Budgets can vary on days of week / times of the year 

When planning your email marketing strategy as an affiliate, put your audience at the top of your planning. If you already have a good feel for them, that is a great starting point with email campaigns. 

Keep in mind the email timing advice above may or may not have been widely tested. And the audience it was tested on may not be anything like your fans.

Inbox Mailers provides the only proven perfect time to send emails. Results – up to 70% open rates. You can demo the platform if you wanna see for yourself. 

More Timing Factors with Amazon Affiliate Email Marketing

The right subject line at the right time can produce more product sales and commissions for you as an affiliate. 

More on subject lines in a second.


  • Campaign Monitor found most emails are opened on a mobile device
  • 47% of emails are opened outside of work 
  • 53% of emails are opened during working hours

Those factors should help shape your email marketing campaigns. And when to hit the send button. 

Most ESPs (email service platforms – ex. MailChimp etc.) have useful metric-tracking reports that will show you the best times for email open rates with your specific audience. As your email marketing evolves and expands to more subscribers, these open rates and click-through-rates will paint an even better picture for you.

  • Best times to send
  • What type of email content your fans appreciate most

Email Subject Lines

Awesome subject lines will take your Amazon Affiliate business up a notch or ten!

Subject lines are what get emails opened. Usually ranked in the top 5 for reasons readers choose to read an email. (Recognizing sender is #1. Having time to read emails is #2).

Good timing comes into play with your email subject lines too. The right offer at the right time. 

Example. Should you promote Amazon Affiliate products in your newsletter only? Or also in stand-alone promo emails meant only for selling? Subject lines will differ for those two options.

Also, many email marketers find success emailing promo offers right after a newsletter is sent. The strategy is to get to the reader while they are in a reading mood. 

This works best with the ability to ‘listen to inboxes’ as the diagram below shows.

Caution With Email Frequency

Many affiliates have fan bases that will watch their content for hours. Some followers will read through every product review you do as an Amazon Affiliate. Incredible, really, this kind of influence!

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Email marketing is different. You want to find the sweet spot on how many emails to send.

Lots of theories on this, as with the timing of email sends. 

  1. Traffic peak is in autumn and winter (especially on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and December 23).
  2. 28% of subscribers state they’d like to see promo offers 2x or even 3x a week.
  3. 61% of subscribers / customers would like to receive promotional emails every week, 38% – more frequently.

Cluttered Inbox Season

Your email is likely to get overlooked during Christmas shopping season, right? So you have to be more strategic with sends. Perhaps the weekends would be better seasonally since most brands will be sending during “normal hours.”

BTW in 2022→ Nordstrom sent 91 emails monthly! to each subscriber in a 7-month period. Read about it in Inbox Hacking (a Free email marketing newsletter).

Maybe 91 isn’t too many though – notice stats #2 and #3 above. Happy subscribers won’t get tired of your email content, product recommendations, reviews, and discount alerts. 

Keep your email readers happy.

Amazon Affiliate Wrap Up

As an Amazon Affiliate, you know what works best in your business or side hustle.

Just be sure you’re utilizing every tool possible to ramp up sales and profits. 

Email marketing has stood the test of time. Spam is an issue and stuffed inboxes too.

Yet, the research is clear. There is no bigger bang for your buck when it comes to an effective marketing channel. Email is king after all this time despite Johnny Come Latelys like social media.

I’m not hating other channels either. Audience preference matters, as you know. Even direct mail is still a useful tool for the right audience.

*72% of firms using direct mail were also utilizing email marketing in unison (recent poll)

Affiliate Competition

The world is busy and noisy. Competition for eyes and ears has never been higher.

To stay ahead of the affiliate game, Amazon or otherwise, successful marketers will use every marketing tool at their disposal.

The key is maximizing each of those channels.

When it comes to email, timing is an enormous factor. Land in the inbox at the right time so your email and Amazon Affiliate product promotions are more likely to be seen. 

Which means sales and profits rising on a channel where you’re in complete control.

🌟Bonus optimal send time advice from a compilation. Email timing by industry:

Ecommerce: 10am

Software: 2pm-3pm

Marketing: 4pm

Hospitality/Retail: 8am-10am

Professional Services (B2B): 8am-10am

Nonprofits: 3pm-4pm

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