Using Email Marketing for eleads CRM (plus a peek at 11 other niche CRMs)

eleads crm

Whether you use eleads CRM or another niche Customer Relationship Management tool, email marketing should be part of your organization’s strategy.

This post looks at the best email marketing practices using the example of eleads CRM.

You’ll learn how to use CRM data in your email campaigns and how to get more opens, better click-to-open rates, and more sales. 

eleads CRM Breakdown

Use this example breakdown of data inside eleads to gain insights into your industry’s CRM of choice.

eleads works with car dealerships. The goal is to build better customer relationships to sell more cars. 

Dealerships like – correction, love sales! If you’ve ever been on a car lot, you know salespeople are eager to get to customers before they get away.

eleads CRM gathers and manages data that can be used in email marketing for years and years with the same car buyer. 

Potential results from using this data:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Better lead management
  3. Productive conversations with car shoppers
  4. Keep customers coming back
  5. Efficient follow-ups
  6. Build loyalty 
  7. Increase referrals

eleads crm

*2021 survey, 23 percent of U.S. car shoppers reported intending to buy their next vehicle partially or fully virtually

**72% of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication

Email Inboxes→ a Virtual Car Lot

Those two stats are key. Whether you sell cars or cookies or advertising space.

Shopping moves online more daily.

Customers prefer email communication over all other forms. No one is on Instagram begging for marketing messages. (read the ugly comments on ads sometime).

When you have permission to email your customer, you have their attention. It’s like having them drive onto the dealership lot. They are interested in what you have to say / sell. 

Experienced car salespeople know they can’t waste that chance. So…

eleads crm

Best practices for email marketing include:

  • Super-clear subject lines
  • Enticing but not spammy subject lines
  • Clear calls-to-action
  • Multiple CTA buttons
  • Give email readers what they need and want
  • Don’t email people who have not given you permission
  • Make emails easy to read on phones
  • Clean your email list regularly to keep emails out of spam folders

The #1 best practice? Be certain the email recipient recognizes the sender name (you / your brand). Just behind #1 is timing. Subscribers only read emails they have time for at the moment. (HubSpot)

Inbox Mailers is the perfect add-on for eleads CRM and other CRMs since our patent-pending technology sends emails at the moment subscribers have time to read emails. 

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CRM on the Rise, on the Go

eleads CRM has quickly become wildly popular. While more CRM niches pop up every day to service a wide range of industries. 

One of the top features of CRMs is real-time data. 

Customer details can change fast. An expecting mom who finds out twins are on the way may need an SUV instead of the sedan she was checking out!

Mobile CRM access is now a must.

*Of companies using a mobile CRM, 65% are achieving sales quotas. While only 22% of reps using non-mobile CRM have reached the same targets.

eleads crm

Details are in the data. And each slice of data can be used to personalize email marketing messages. 

More examples:

*Launching a mobile-responsive email design can increase unique mobile clicks by 15%. (MailChimp, 2021)

An updated CRM, including eleads CRM, is an effective CRM. Be sure to utilize mobile functions of your software.

  • Update notes after customer calls
  • Crucial contact information needs regular check-ins
  • Note what other vehicles a buyer is checking out
  • Family information (pets, kids, vacations, etc.)

*54% of consumers would buy from a dealership that offers their preferred experience, even if it didn’t have the lowest price (AutoTrader).

Easy CRM Hack

How many salespeople fail to make the extra effort of a greeting card?

Too many!

Especially when the address is right there in your customer relationship software. You can even schedule a physical birthday card online. Pixingo is one service that will mail cards for you.

One of the greatest car salespeople in history said greeting cards were a huge part of his World Record car sales. 

Don’t miss the low-hanging fruit of data you have. Most email marketers do. Despite going to the trouble to enter data.

Key data to use in email campaigns:

  • First name in subject line (more opens)
  • Product / service recommendation based on past purchases
  • Last visit to your physical business
  • Number of emails since the subscriber opened one of your emails

Email surveys help you add more data. Interactive AMP emails get more responses but some inboxes don’t support the technology. 

More Niche CRMs Like eleads

No matter what niche your company serves, a CRM is a handy and effective tool.

*Over 350 million dollars will be spent on email advertising in 2023 (U.S)

eleads CRM is just one of many platforms created for specific niches.

Here are 11 more:

  1. Next Agency – Insurance
  2. OperaDDS – Dental
  3. Enquire – Senior Living
  4. Streak – Freelancers  
  5. Less Annoying CRM – For minimalist salespeople
  6. Method – Accounting
  7. Wise Agent – Real Estate CRM
  8. Salsa Labs – Non-profits
  9. Clio – Law Firms
  10. Vend – Retail
  11. Buildr – Construction

Niche CRM Summary

No matter if you’re revving up sales with eleads or reaching more donors with non-profit CRMs, these tools are must-haves.

With more niche options, we don’t have to rely on broad-strokes software anymore. Yes, it takes time to change to a new CRM. But if the platform is a better fit and makes life easier for the sales and marketing team, the change is worth it.

Just don’t forget to use email best practices regardless of the CRM. About 79% of emails never get opened, on average. 

Deliverability is a must, so is reaching your subscribers at the precise time they are opening emails. Inbox Mailers tracks that precise time then triggers your email program to send at that moment. Schedule a free demo to find out more if 50% – 70% open rates would help your sales.

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