White-Glove Onboarding Session

Each Inbox Mailer Clients get their own ‘White-Glove’ setup session with one of our support representatives.
There are three (3) ways to setup your session at your convenience! 

Choose one of the three below:

1) Chat with a Representative right now!

See if a representative is available now by click on the “Help” button located on the bottom left of your screen.

2) Schedule a time below:

Schedule a time at your own convienence by clicking the button below.


3) Watch simple Setup Videos

3) Watch simple Setup Videos

Don’t want to schedule a White Glove service yet? View the training videos on how to get started right away.

REMINDER: If you need help setting up your account and/or integration with any ESP, we recommend having our support reps assist you through a White Glove Session.r

Video #1 – Inbox Mailers Platform (Pixels & Intregrations)

Video #2 – How the Network Works & Setup

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