Now that you’re an Inbox Mailer a member of our team will reach out to schedule and prepare you for your ‘White-Glove’ session
Here are a few things we will cover on this initial call:

1) Access to your ESP to complete the integration setup

During the call, we can provide a secure form for you to submit your ESP information, or you can provide it to our team member over the phone. Whatever you feel more comfortable with!


2) Discuss how to implement your inboxing strategy

Let’s keep this simple! Whether you’re focused on increasing open rates, increasing deliverability, or reEngaging your dead list we will share information and resources on how best to implement your strategy.

3) Schedule Your White Glove Session

We’ll find a time that works best to setup your White Glove support session with our  team member who will guide you through any questions you have on the implementation process and utilization of Inbox Mailers. 

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