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You will now see the following inside your account

List Management

Adding lists gives you the ability to fire a separate triggered email to each list. This helps when you want certain messaging to certain lists for segmentation purposes. 

Control is the trigger email is sent once to each subscriber or each time they enter the inbox.

*Anytime one of your subscribers opens anyone elses email in the network and is also in a list, your triggered email will fire! That going to be A LOT more triggered emails that will fire.  

TIP: Generate a list or two of you UnEngaged subscribers, sending to them while they are in their inbox will re-engage them w/ your business


Just like when you add an integration to fire an email when someone opens YOUR email, now you can connect the same intregrations to the lists you create and have your triggered email send when your subscribers opens ANY email
within the Network.

Generating far more opportunities for to send to your subscriber when they are in their inbox.

TIP: Dont see your ESP listed? Use Zapier to receive the trigger alert and connect to over hundreds of different email providers and CRMs.

Get Paid to Send

Now that your account has qualified for the Network, you can generate Commissions for simply sending emails. 

Each time one of your subscribers opens an email and generates a match in the Network, you get paid and that adds up depending on how much you mail. The more you generate opens, the more you make commisions.

Each open currently generates $.006 in commissions.

TIP: Make sure to pixel ALL OF YOUR EMAILS, each open (including your triggered emails) count as commissionable opens. 

View Commissions

Under reports you will be able to get to see the Pixels that were triggered from your sends, Network triggers and your Commissions.

*A minimum of $20 much be generated before commissions are sent. 

TIP: Your Commissions are listed in the Top Toolbar of the Inbox Mailers interface. 

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