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A Strategy that taps into an 'Inbox Behavior' ...

Increase your Opens, Clicks, and Revenue virtually overnight by sending emails to your subscribers when they are actively in their inbox reading emails!

We tested this over billions of sends and people tend to have a consistent behavior while in their inbox that savvy marketers are capitalizing on like nothing before it. They are becoming an ‘Inbox Mailer’!

What Is Inbox Mailers?

Inbox Mailers
is a solution that allows businesses to trigger an email to their subscribers at the exact time they are in their inbox reading emails. 

Through our proprietary Network of Real Time Opener Data, our clients can tap into the 15 times a day their subscribers are checking their inbox (on avg.) and triggering emails getting much higher open rates, clicks, and revenue. 


So, How Does Inbox Mailers Work?

The beauty of Inbox Mailers is its inherent, elegant simplicity. It’s not complicated and essentially boils down to just three steps.

  1. Inbox Mailers has eyes in your subscribers’ inbox and knows when they’re in there, reading emails.
  2. Once your subscriber is in their inbox, Inbox Mailers then triggers your email to send out, (either right from the Inbox Mailers Platform or through your own ESP) to your subscribers. And it does this all instantly and effortlessly.
  3. Finally, you reap all of the rewards of sending at exactly the right time. Your open rates soar. You get more opens, clicks, and revenue pouring in with each click. If you integrate with your ESP, this strategy drastically improves your inboxing and deliverability which affects and lifts all of your email marketing efforts. This translates into higher reputation scores on your domains and IP Addresses!

We see your subscribers checking their inboxes on average 15 times a day! 

This creates an enormous amount of inventory for you to send your emails at the right time, generating much higher open rates than your normal ‘spray-n-pray’ broadcasts. Higher Open Rates with the same click-to-open rates that your broadcast sends do means a lot more clicks .. and a lot more clicks mean a lot more revenue! 

Inbox Mailers is there to give you that alert, “Your reader is in their inbox now. Time to send the trigger!”

This Is The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow” – Billion Dollar Brand and an Inbox Mailer 

Forget unicorns; Inbox Mailers is like finding a leprechaun’s pot of gold

And as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions. Most of them fall into this overall theme:

How many triggers do I get?
How can I get more triggers?
What can I do to expand this even further?

At signup, each client is assigned a dedicated strategy representative with Inbox Mailers that can help answer these questions and more. 

We can help segment your lists (whether it’s buyers, non-buyers, dead leads, or whatever), we get it uploaded into the platform, and our expansive network instantly opens its eyes and ears and starts listening.  

The minute we see your subscriber enter their inbox, we get busy. Not just bouncing off of what’s happening inside your world but across our vast network. It’s like putting your list on steroids. 

Case Studies

Traders Agency was one of the first companies to give Inbox Mailers a test drive. As soon as the team turned it on, they’d increased their sales by 60% weekly in less than one month. That was just in the first month. And at the same time, they saw a 3x higher open rate using this SaaS technology. Before launching Inbox Mailers, it took them about 15,500 emails just to generate one sale. With Inbox Mailers in place, they only needed 4,400 emails to generate that sale.

Soon after getting their feet wet, they used the technology in every single one of their broadcasts. Take a look at what these triggers did for them and what they can do for you.
[Read Full Case Study]

LeadMark was the next company to put Inbox Mailers into play. You see, they’re a lead generation company that sends a full portfolio of newsletters out to their leads. Before they started with Inbox Mailers, they saw open rates between 15-22%. Once these triggers were in place, that metric climbed to 50-70%. All while seeing increased subscriber engagement and monetization.

Best of all, they did it without seeing any degradation in click engagement. Take a look at what a game changer it turned out to be for LeadMark.
[Read Full Case Study]

How The Inbox Mailers Pricing Model Works

Considering all of the huge benefits and multiple solutions you get, it’s hard to believe how cheap (and easy) it is to get this tested and start seeing results in the first few hours. 

Our pricing is simple. $199 per month for access to the platform and then everything else is usage based using credits. 

One credit is used each time we trigger your email to fire off when your subscriber is in their inbox. (1 Trigger = 1 Credit) All new accounts get 20,000 initial credits.

That allows you to get your feet wet with very little risk and see the results for yourself then scale at the rate of your choosing. 

Prepaid credits are discounted based on the volume you buy and can range greatly. Contact our Sales team for more information. 

It’s Not Rocket Science

The strategy is proven and is changing the game for businesses that use email marketing. Inbox Mailers is really many solutions into one. Clients are using it to increase their open rates, get more clicks, and generate more revenue. Other clients are using it to warm up their new Domains and IP Addresses, and increase their sending scores to build and fix their Deliverability & Inboxing reputations.

Anyone who emails a lot knows just how critical that is and how much of an impact it makes on getting your whole email marketing campaign to even work.

Other platforms and businesses have become resellers of Inbox Mailers providing our solution and backbone to provide services to increase their clients’ email marketing efforts and deliverability ratings.

Try it for yourself and quickly see the power of this Strategy, Network, and Platform and become the Hero of your department who drastically increased the company’s email marketing campaigns and efforts going forward.