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Get 3x-5x BETTER Email Open Rates with Inbox Mailers

The best time to get open and clicks on your emails is when your subscribers are in their inbox – and we can help you do that!

Inbox Mailers allows you to send triggered emails when you know someone has opened one of your other emails or ANY email in our Network.

This new way of email marketing is generating 3X-5X better open rates for our clients and partners. The average triggered email open rate is around 60%!

Take the Guesswork Out Of Email Scheduling

Send Triggered Emails When Someone Is In Their Inbox

What is Inbox Mailers?

We are a software service (Saas) that enable brands with the ability to know when subscribers are in their inbox. With this technology, we can send triggers to your ESP that can help you generate 50%-70% open rates with workflows. 

This can allow you to get more opens, more clicks, and more revenue with each send. 

For $99/month, you’ll get:


Month to Month
(Pay as you Go)
$ 99
  • 1,000 monthly email triggers
  • additional triggers are $0.006 each
    ($6 per thousand)
  • Get 50% - 70% Open Rates
    (Averages are 3x - 5x Higher)
  • Achieve a higher Domain Reputation
  • Achieve a higher IP Address Reputation
  • Drastically inprove your Deliverability and Inboxing
    on all your broadcast sends
  • Re-engage your Un-engaged list (This is huge!)
  • Email your Subscribers when they open ANY email
    within our Network
    of clients and partners.
  • Premium Support (Email, Chat & Phone) with
    personalized 'White Glove' Step-by-Step Setup
w/ Network

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